The lost Prince, Nineteen, a good friend & creative.

Let's imagine I'm currently in a beautiful city called, Paris. Walking through the streets and staring at the Eiffel Tower while eating some delicious chocolates. Yes, i'm still wishing for having a great holiday in Paris but i guess i just need to forget about it. My close friends knows how much i'd love to go there and we were planning on being in Paris like so many times but we failed.

So as you can see, these holidays are same like any other days for me. Watching the same movies and repeating the same routine all over again might turns me into a sick zombie. I think i should do something productive. I suggest myself to read some good books. Oh how about my vampire's book? Yes that would be great. I don't know why but it's hard for me to finish a book. Boo to myself.

I miss Nigel. Yes, Nigel. He is the main character in that book and he is such a lame vampire. I don't get it why but unfortunately, when he transformed into a vampire, he didn't become all broody nor attractive. I guess i should teach him how to be more attractive. Haha.

There is so much more to life than finding the perfect person who will define you or constantly being sad about someone who left you. You can discover yourself, even if you’re alone. You should be the one filling yourself up with love and not another person. Remember, there is happiness in being alone. Learn to be happy on your own. It does wondrous things.